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Why should you care about Schedule H?

By Rich Umbdenstock
September 17, 2014

Schedule H is an odd name for an inspiring topic: the benefits, beyond mending bodies, that hospitals provide to their communities. Think free clinics, job training, smoking cessation classes, back-to-school immunizations, literacy programs, on-site care the for homeless and, for patients in need, direct financial assistance, including free or reduced-cost care.

 The IRS provides a platform for tax exempt hospitals to demonstrate the benefits they provide to their communities each year – Schedule H. And for the third time, we’ve asked hospitals to share these with us and allow Ernst & Young to calculate the cumulative value to review and report on them. The latest report shows hospitals once again increased the amount they spent on community benefit to 12.3% in 2011, the last tax year for which data is available. Take a look – it shows that hospitals are responding to the growing needs of their communities and are continuing – and strengthening – their mission of improving the health of all they serve.

That means hospitals of every size, type and location are not only meeting, but are exceeding, their community benefit obligations in a variety of ways that meet the needs of their unique communities. But no dollar amount can truly describe hospitals’ benefits – the comfort our patients, families and communities gain from knowing their hospital is there to care.

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Richard J. Umbdenstock became president and chief executive officer of the American Hospital Association (AHA) on January 1, 2007. Previously, he was the elected AHA Board Chair in 2006. The AHA leads, represents and serves more than 5,000 member hospitals, health systems and other health care organizations, and 43,000 individual members.

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